Father and son sitting down and having discussions that may result in humor or anger. Talking and sharing experiences we both have had and the results. Pop and Rick have a love/argue/laugh relationship. Will discuss just about any topic no holds barred. Our main goal is to have fun and maybe share some laughter.

Our podcast will discuss travel, or kids driving us nuts. Not that we’re alcoholics but we do drink. There will be some talk about booze and there will be cussing so not really a good idea to have the kids around. Podcasting is new to us,  professionals we are NOT. Therefore there will be some technical difficulties, we are learning as we go, so things will improve.

Eventually we would like to be able to bring you a high quality podcast. If you have comments, suggestions, ideas or topics send us a quick email, just click the email icon at the bottom of the page. We hope you enjoy our show and if you’d like to join us give us a quick shout out. Help us grow by subscribing, liking and sharing our post on facebook, instagram and youtube.